May 20, 2021

A mobile refresh life cycle fit for the enterprise

Prasad Rayala

Enterprise mobility projects aren’t over when an IT team acquires a fleet of devices. In many ways, that’s when the real work begins.

After making any technology investment, you want to generate a return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible. But before you start seeing productivity gains, your organization’s mobile devices need to be tested, configured and deployed to users who have been trained on how to use them efficiently and securely. The full productivity boost your organization is hoping for might not happen immediately. In many cases, projects will involve a pilot and phased rollout. It takes businesses time to iron out all the process kinks, and they may not reach complete project deployment prior to a mobile product reaching end of life.

That’s why an extended mobile product life cycle is so critical. If your devices’ life cycle is so short that they need to be replaced before your business has even started to see value, all the work you’ve done — including the initial planning and negotiating of contracts — will seem like a waste.

This understanding was one of the key drivers behind Samsung’s Enterprise Edition — a series of smartphones and tablets that businesses can keep in rotation longer to maximize their ROI, while also keeping their data secure.


How Samsung Enterprise Edition drives ROI

Samsung Enterprise Edition mobile devices, such as the Galaxy Tab Active3 and Galaxy S21 5G, are designed to give organizations the runway they need to achieve the ROI they desire. To begin with, Enterprise Edition devices provide a product life cycle assurance of up to three years from the date of global launch. This provides you the flexibility to add more devices on an extended timeline, with peace of mind that the models you want will still be available.

No matter how new your business’s devices are, though, you need to ensure that your sensitive data stays secure. Enterprise Edition devices offer up to five years’ guaranteed security maintenance releases from the date of global launch. You can rest assured that each device in your fleet is protected against the latest security threats.

Samsung’s Enterprise Edition also includes a complete package of mobile management tools to help you handle the rollout, deployment and management of all your devices. Enterprise Edition customers get a free one-year license for Knox Suite — plus discounted subscription rates for businesses that want to renew the services after their first year. With Knox Suite, you get Knox Platform for Enterprise (for end-to-end device security), Knox Mobile Enrollment (for automated device enrollment in bulk), Knox Manage (for granular management and monitoring of devices) and Knox Enterprise Firmware-Over-the-Air (E-FOTA) (for smooth, safe delivery of firmware and OS updates to enrolled devices).

All of these solutions are designed to save IT precious time, while ensuring all deployed devices stay compatible with your business’s latest apps and mobile features, and secured against attacks throughout the devices’ life cycle.


Maximizing the device life cycle

With Samsung Enterprise Edition devices, your organization’s mobile refresh cycle is regular and predictable — and lengthy enough that your IT team can ensure they retain access to available devices as your business’s needs evolve.

By maximizing your mobile devices’ life cycle, you set up your organization for long-term success. Instead of constantly looking for new devices that may not meet your operational needs, you can create a strong foundation for reliable mobility. With simplified deployment, management and security, you can easily add to this foundation with new apps and use cases.

Eventually, you’ll need a device refresh to keep your organization current with the latest mobile technology. But that should happen based on a schedule that lets you capitalize on the devices you’ve worked so hard to obtain, provision and deploy. Samsung Enterprise Edition devices provide a life cycle that extends your ROI until you’re ready to upgrade to the next generation of mobile innovation.

There are dozens of smartphones to choose from, but only some of them are suited to your business. Choose which device you want to give your teams with the new Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition, paired with Knox Suite and extended security support.