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Digital classroom doesn't end by just adopting tablets. You need to deploy the right apps and contents, handle damages or loss, and ultimately ensure students stay focused on learning. Samsung offers the complete answer.

[Image] Protect your device against damage

Protect your device against damage

Ensure your classroom is always up and running without worrying about accidental damage or breakage

  • Coverage against screen damage, water damage, or total loss.
  • In case of theft or loss, have your device replaced with the same or equivalent model.
  • Extended warranty up to 3 years covering mechanical breakage, design/manufacturing defects, or battery issues.
[Image] Prevent device theft and loss

Prevent device theft and loss

Digital devices are powerful but can be costly. Protect school assets by deterring theft or misuse

  • Send notification popups directly to student devices from Knox web console.
  • Remotely lock devices that are reported as lost or stolen to prevent misuse.
  • Using government-grade Knox security platform, ensure the device stays locked and protected.
[Image] Set up devices with ease

Set up devices with ease

Transform thousands of tablets into e-learning tools, all remotely deployed out-of-the-box

  • Have educational kiosks and contents automatically installed across all student devices at boot-up.
  • Rebrand devices with customized boot-up screen, home screen, and lock screen.
  • Control device usage by allowing/blocking specific apps or URLs.
[Image] Help your students concentrate

Help your students concentrate

Make sure your students' tablets are used as intended with powerful, ongoing management features

  • Remotely access devices for troubleshooting or track and record device location data for asset management.
  • Set policies triggered by events, such as date, location, Wi-Fi connection, or unauthorized SIM use. e.g.) No network during exam hours.
  • Enable kiosk mode for a focused, single-app use or multi-app mode to allow designated apps or access to specific website URLs.

See which Knox solutions meet your school needs

Refer to our recommended picks based on various requirement types, and choose the right match for your organization.

  Loss & Theft Protection Easy Device Setup Ongoing Management
Level of IT management




Device protection focused Simple configurations and restrictions Comprehensive education policies
Best for
  • For peace of mind in asset management
  • Protect devices against harm and loss
  • For easy setup and content distribution
  • Customize devices into learning tools
  • For ongoing, flexible device management
  • Handle any scenario remotely and with ease

Samsung Care+ for Business

  • Physical damage coverage
  • Replacement for theft or loss
  • Extended warranty up to 3 yrs, incl. damage/manufacturing defects/battery

Knox Configure

  • Configure thousands of devices remotely
  • Out-of-the-box app installation and content provisioning
  • Rebrand devices with custom UX
  • Control device usage by allow/blocking specific apps/URLs

Knox Manage

  • Remote troubleshooting and location tracking for asset management
  • Set policies triggered by event (e.g. date, location, connectivity, ‘Exam’ scenario and more)
  • Dedicated kiosk mode for focused, single- or multi-app use
  • Use with Knox Mobile Enrollment for free and easy bulk deployment

Knox Guard

  • Notification blast on all devices
  • Remotely lock lost/stolen devices
  • Protected with government-grade Knox security features

For device protection

Samsung Care+ for Business

For more comprehensive management

Knox Suite

For device protection

Samsung Care+ for Business


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