January 13, 2021

Knox Mobile Enrollment features now available in the Knox Manage console

Samsung Knox Team

Setting up a large number of devices with Knox Manage policies is now faster and easier, as Samsung has made Knox Mobile Enrollment features directly accessible from the Knox Manage console.

As a popular tool for EMM bulk enrollment on Samsung devices, Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) has been used by enterprise partners on millions of devices. The solution is also included in Knox Suite with its own service console.

Both KME and Knox Manage are essential tools for Samsung mobile device management with EMMs. However, the process to employ both solutions required numerous steps to separately set up device enrollment settings on the KME console, and device management policy on the EMM console.


KME embedded EMM, Knox Manage

With the first major update of Knox Manage on January 7th, 2021 (KM v21.1), an IT administrator can manage both device enrollment and EMM policy control via a single Knox Manage console, without needing to interact with the KME console.

We have updated the Knox Manage console to reflect this change, as seen in the screenshot below.


Streamlined process for Mobile device deployment

Knox Manage provides a significant improvement for device deployment with KME embedded on the same console, which makes it faster and easier for IT admins to deploy devices with EMM policies.


More effective mobile device maintenance with single view

Via the KME view in the Knox Manage console, IT can now handle both device enrollment status and IT policy management in one dashboard. If an unknown issue arises on an employee device, you no longer need to visit two separate consoles to see the problem.

Knox Manage will also introduce advanced enrollment features such as Limited enrollment for KME registered devices based on the integrated device information structure.

Note – Limited enrollment for KME registered devices is set for a Feb 2021 release with Knox Manage v21.2.


What’s Next?

Knox Manage will combine not only Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Platform for Enterprise (via Knox Service Plug-in), but also a powerful OS management tool – Knox E-FOTA – for a single point of contact for Knox services.


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