August 10, 2020

Partner solution catalogue now live

Samsung Knox Team

The Knox Partner Program team has been working closely together with to launch our new partner solution catalogue, aimed at highlighting Knox Validated partners as well as notable Knox solution partners in the Silver+ tier. We have collaborated with our top partners to bring you unique solutions that meet your modern-day business needs. The catalogue currently showcases over 30+ solutions from our top EMM partners, including BlackBerry, VMware, SOTI, and IBM among others that target the mobile B2B space.

In addition, our partner solution catalogue features Knox Validated solutions that have been checked and authenticated by the Samsung Knox team. All EMM solutions with the Knox Verified designation have undergone additional testing to ensure full support of Samsung features and products. With Knox Validation, customers can feel supported in choosing quality solutions that have been assessed to meet Samsung’s standards of security, management, and productivity feature support.

Our partner catalogue includes a variety of different solution types — from messaging, virtualization, and customer support, to mobile threat detection and BI — we’ve got partner solutions that target real problems within the mobile B2B space. You can filter through our solutions by category type, industry and location to find a solution that best caters to you and your business needs.

What are you waiting for? Check out our Knox partner solutions catalogue for the latest list of our top partner solutions.