November 18, 2022

Samsung and VMware: Secure and frictionless digital experiences

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Enabling advanced secure and frictionless digital experiences

VMware needs no introduction as the leading provider of multi-cloud solution for apps, enabling true digital innovation with enterprise control. As a trusted foundation to accelerate innovation, VMware solution gives businesses the flexibility and choice they need to build the future – a commitment detailed in the company’s 2030 Agenda.

At the same time, this enterprise stalwart has the long-term backing of the Knox Partner Programme which gives Samsung's partners resources for creating innovative business solutions on smartphones, tablets, and wearables. VMware has been leveraging Knox platform features for elevated security, manageability, and productivity of a mobile device, and Samsung Galaxy SDK resources for optimized device features.

In short, this enables businesses like VMware to enhance their full cycle of solution and get the support they need from planning and deployment of development, marketing and sales collaboration.


A long-term, strategic partnership, born from a shared vision

Partners for close to a decade, Samsung and VMware have forged a strong relationship that enables better enterprise management and opportunities.

“VMware’s primary focus is government, finance, retail and healthcare and Samsung and VMware have been collaborating on these 4 verticals together since the beginning of our partnership,” says Soon Kim, Global Account Director for VMware.

And that partnership continues to demonstrate success. “Integration with Workspace ONE and Samsung Knox Solutions with Samsung Galaxy devices has differentiated those verticals. Walmart is one great example where we have successfully shown the value of our partnership with Samsung in a modern retail use case, especially together with a new device such as Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro series,” he adds.


Advancing integration in the B2B space

VMware infrastructure is well developed which means its ecosystem is made up of multiple moving parts. Two of those parts are VMware Horizon and the VMware Workspace ONE.

  1. VMware Horizon is a virtualization platform and many customers are leveraging these solutions to access corporate computing and data by Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution (“VDI”) across multiple clouds.
  2. VMware Workspace ONE: VMware Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables organizations to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, wherever their employees work.


Reaping the benefits and supporting workers on the frontline

Aside from partnering with a credible mobility specialist, VMware enjoys three additional primary benefits as a strategic partner of Knox Partner Program.

  1. Early Access to Samsung planning and details of new devices platform and new solutions first.
  2. Joint roadmap sessions to develop the most compelling solution for customers’ benefits and market trends.
  3. Joint customer support framework to ease customer’s concern around the joint solutions.

As a result, the team is able to develop outstanding solutions including the empowerment of Frontline Workers with Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro and Workspace ONE, and VMware Horizon’s extended display support for Samsung DeX.

“Knox partner support is also very beneficial to us,” says Kim. “We use the ticketing system and organized processes daily to ask questions and get technical assistance. This comes from a Samsung mobile expert who has also expertise of our VMware solution for engineering or customer-escalated issues.”

However, the daily support of the Knox Partner Programme enables ongoing operations to run smoothly too.

  • Technical support: “Getting access to technical support teams, devices and updates really helps us to stay on top of supporting their new devices that they release every year,” says Eric Stillman, Senior PM at VMware. “It allows us to make sure that all our software is compatible, as Samsung is our largest Android device manufacturer with its own platform. Therefore, it’s important for us to make sure our customers are fully supported.”
  • Extended display: “The extended display offers us the ability to use dual monitors with DeX (Desktop eXperience) supported by Horizon. This is a key differentiator in customers’ daily work as it enables them to centralize and repurpose mobile devices, i.e. they can connect a phone to multiple monitors then relocate, increasing mobility.” says Kenny Takahashi Senior PMM at VMware. Find out more about how Samsung and VMware Deliver Virtualized Environments with Extended Display via Samsung DeX.
  • Marketing and brand extension. “When planning our go to market activities, we work closely with Samsung on strategic direction. This alignment allows us to provide greater value to customers than either company individually," says Takahashi. "As a result both VMware and Samsung are better positioned to execute on new opportunities.”


What does the future hold for Samsung and VMware?

“Current business and customers are facing a very complicated business environment. So joint partnerships and solutions leveraging this kind of partnership program are one of the key factors for success. It’s safe to say that businesses need these strategic partnerships for survival beyond the now,” says Kim.

“We’ve seen significant success through our partnership and it’s mutually beneficial,” says Stillman. “We communicate on a daily basis, work very closely together, have thousands of joint customers and are very dedicated to making sure each customer is successful.”

And Samsung’s take on the future of the partnership? “As a genuine unified endpoint management solution, VMware has expanded from small-to-large display of Samsung device form factors and Knox solution to cover a full spectrum of use cases and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this partnership as it continues to grow.”

Get in touch for more information on the Knox Partner Programme and how it can advance operations in your business.

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