April 28, 2021

Troubleshooting made stress-free with Knox Manage remote support tool

Samsung Knox Team

If you are an IT manager at a company, you may have struggled to provide technical support for employees' mobile devices. You've received lots of calls and messages for various problems on devices that are typically easily explained to device users.

Considering mobile business trends, and a growing number solutions and applications, the frequency and complexity of these problems may be increasing for you.

A number of services have been launched in the market solve these problems, however they also come with their own issues, including additional costs, low usability, etc.


Embedded Remote Support tool in Knox Manage

Introducing an advanced Remote Support Tool in Knox Manage to solve your problems.

As an embedded tool in a mobile device management solution, you don't need to pay more for this feature, but can just use the benefits with a single Knox Manage (or Knox Suite) license key. Bundled doesn't means low quality. Knox Manage provides automatic (or manual) QoS (Quality of Service) settings to keep the stable connection to device, so you will not lose controllability to the device with variable device control features without interactions by your employees.


Web-based remote support view

In addition, Knox Manage provides a web-based remote support view to deliver a more convenient user experience with the new release update on April.2021. (by KM v21.4)

With this update, you can have full functionality for the remote tool without installing an agent to your PC.

Remote Support tool is included in Knox Manage without any extra costs, and you can have these benefits via bundled Knox Suite for 1 year if you have Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices.

Please visit www.samsungknox.com for more details and try for free with a stress-free trial process.


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