August 3, 2022

Upcoming changes to Knox products in August 2022

Samsung Knox Team

The next Knox cloud service release is scheduled for August 17, 2022, PDT. This release is expected to include new product features and changes that aim to improve product usability in the Knox ecosystem. During the release process, and each of the product portals and consoles will continue to be available.

Keep in mind that these pre-release notes include future feature commitments and other information that may change leading up to the actual release.

Expected changes to Knox cloud services

The following table summarizes the key changes to Knox cloud services that will go live with the upcoming release.

Service Changes
Knox Admin Portal
  • Improvements to Knox Remote Support — Add the ability to view a history of past Knox Remote support sessions, including detailed session data and device information. Allow you to adjust the time zone of Knox Remote Support to vary from your PC's local time zone, which only affects the time stored in the session history.
Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Support for secondary IMEI on dual-SIM devices — Add the ability to query and retrieve the secondary IMEI (IMEI2) of dual-SIM devices on search and device pages. Export IMEI2s in device data saved to CSV files.
  • WeGuard and Crypto VoIP MDM support — Add WeGuard and Crypto VoIP MDM as EMM options for profiles.
Knox Manage
  • TLS deprecation — Remove all remaining support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
  • Usability changes for Managed Google Play apps
    • Migrate to a new Google API for Managed Google Play (MGP) apps and app stores, bringing the benefits of one-click app additions and simplified flows.
    • Consolidate flows for all three app types — MGP public, MGP private, and MGP web — and deprecate custom app categorization in favor of the MGP console's native categories.
  • Updates to lock reset sequence on Android — On newer Android devices, remove temporary password assignment from the remote lock resetting process to resolve a security vulnerability where device users could use the temporary password indefinitely.
  • Improvements to Custom Wallpaper policy on Android — Fix issues where custom wallpapers wouldn't rotate in landscape mode or restore the original wallpaper after being removed.
  • Support for detailed APN settings in Android policies — Add new APN parameters to the Android Enterprise APN policy group, including APN Protocol, APN Roaming Protocol, Mobile virtual network operator type, and Bearer.
  • Android policy additions — Add a policy that prevents individual apps from using mobile data.
  • Knox Manage agent on Shared iPad — Support the Knox Manage agent on Shared iPads. Provide a custom app store where device users can install recommended or optional apps in the course of business. Support internal apps and apps assigned through the Apple Volume Purchase Program on the agent's app store.
  • iOS policy additions — Add iOS policies that restrict core Apple services and technologies, such as predictive keyboard, Apple news, Apple music, Apple podcasts, Find My, AirPrint, among others.
  • Samsung Knox Manage on the Azure AD app gallery for cloud-based MDM — Add the Samsung Knox Manage app to the Azure AD app gallery as a cloud or SaaS MDM app in the Mobility (MDM and MAM) category.
  • Improvements to Azure AD integration flow — Upgrade the Azure AD configuration flow by requiring only a directory ID without an on-premises app ID or other on-premises information.
  • Support for Azure AD registered and Azure AD joined devices
  • Windows policy additions — Add policies related to basic device control and regional settings, including Power & Sleep, Date and Time, Region, and Location.
  • App types for Chrome OS — Accommodate the concept of app types, which are compatibility categories determined by Google and app developers. Three types exist — Users & browsers, Kiosks, and Managed guest sessions.
  • Support for managed guest session apps with Chrome OS — Allow admins to assign apps designed for managed guest session devices.
  • Support for camera and audio recording on the Knox Browser and the Kiosk Browser
  • Support for secondary IMEI on dual-SIM devices — Add the ability to query and retrieve the secondary IMEI (IMEI2) of dual-SIM devices on search and device pages. Export IMEI2s in device data saved to CSV files.
  • Expanded support for enterprise security patches — Add the ability to select and push enterprise security patches (ESPs) to device users in the general public. Only available to users who purchase support for ESPs.
Knox Asset Intelligence
  • Device diagnostics — Add the ability to diagnose IP/DNS server network latency issues and view battery statuses from the Diagnostics menu in the Knox Asset Intelligence agent. Send an error report to admins from either menu category directly when network and battery issues occur to help troubleshoot device issues.
  • New dashboard charts — Enable admins to view the five groups reporting the highest number of app and battery issues, and see which Knox Service Plugin profiles are applied to your devices or which policies failed to apply.
  • Improvements to custom admin roles — Enable admins to create, edit, and delete roles, and add custom permissions for each role.
  • Auto-OOBE enrollment — Allow admins with the Manage devices permission to select the automatic out-of-box experience (auto-OOBE) enrollment option on the Knox Asset Intelligence console. If this option is enabled, Knox Asset Intelligence enrollment automatically starts on devices during OOBE and after a factory reset.
  • Improvements to dashboard settings — Add the ability to define new threshold values for app usage, and enable system-recommended threshold values for network and battery events based on a data-driven model. A work shift can also be triggered after a managed app is launched.
  • Enhancements to Today's issue emails — Choose to receive Today's issue emails for Low Battery at shift start and Managed app issues.
Knox Configure
  • Support for Galaxy Theme installation — Introduce the ability to install unique Galaxy Theme APKs available exclusively through Knox Configure. Create your own themes through the theme maker and set unique Theme APKs for each OS for optimization.
  • Enhancements to the generation of Knox Configure Accessory UIDs
    • Require UIDs to have an associated accessory type.
    • Increase the maximum number of accessories associated with a profile to 500,000.
    • Increase the number of devices that a single profile can be deployed to, up to 10.
  • Support pairing additional accessories
    • Add Samsung Galaxy Buds cases and NFC cards as available accessory types during accessory profile creation.
    • Introduce the ability for device users to deploy a new accessory profile after they remove a previous profile.
  • Remove swipe lock screen — Add the option to remove the swipe lock screen type, so the device will remain unlocked until the power key is pressed again, even if the screen times out.
  • Support Knox Configure enrollment for company-owned devices with work profiles — Support pushing Knox Configure profiles to devices with this management mode, but provide the device user with the option to cancel the enrollment in the startup wizard.
Knox Guard
  • Custom enrollment messages for devices — Allow you to customize the device enrollment message for one or more devices and enter a default enrollment message. Allow all these settings to be applied individually or in bulk.
  • SIM policy improvements — Add the ability to:
    • Check for policy settings duplication. If an old policy with the same settings is detected, show an error message.
    • Delete obsolete polices that aren't applied to any devices.

Expected changes to Knox programs

The following table summarizes the key changes to the Knox B2B programs that will go live with the upcoming release.

Program Changes
Knox Deployment Program
  • Transition of the Knox Deployment Program into the Knox Partner Program — Expand the Knox Partner Program to incorporate device resellers. Allow resellers to register for the Knox Deployment Program (KDP) through the Knox Partner Program and enjoy the benefits of the Knox Partner Portal.
  • Support for secondary IMEI on dual-SIM devices — Add the ability to query and retrieve the secondary IMEI (IMEI2) of dual-SIM devices on search and device pages. Export IMEI2s in device data saved to CSV files.
  • Resellers can upload devices to MSPs who have reseller accounts — Allow device resellers to upload devices to MSP accounts that share their MSP IDs with other MSP and reseller accounts.
Knox MSP Program
  • Transition of the Knox MSP Program into the Knox Partner Program — Expand the Knox Partner Program to incorporate managed service providers. Existing MSP super admins will have the option to transition from a Samsung Knox account to the Knox Partner Program upon log-in to No additional registration is required.
  • Notification center enhancements — Add additional notification controls for events relating to licenses, uploads, resellers, and devices on the Knox MSP Portal.
  • CSV file download links in email notifications — Add download links to CSV files in email notifications about the following events:
    • When a reseller removes devices that are assigned to an MSP through the Reseller Portal.
    • When a CSV device report is generated and contains more than 5,000 devices.
  • Updates to the customer list and CSV file — Allow you to:
    • View and sort the customer list by the date when the customer's Knox cloud services account was created.
    • When exporting the customer list to a CSV file, include columns for the dates for when the account was created and when it was linked to the MSP.
  • Rest API support — Enable the Knox MSP Program to interface with the REST APIs for Knox Guard, Knox Configure, and Knox Mobile Enrollment.
  • Resellers uploading devices to MSPs who have reseller accounts — Allow resellers to upload devices using MSP IDs of combination MSP/reseller accounts (in other words, accounts that are also enrolled in the Knox Deployment Program).